Basic Japanese online class opens for foreigners living in Kumamoto Prefecture (over 15 years old) for free.
There are two levels of class, level for acquiring N5 (including basics such as Hiragana) and level for acquiring N4 level.

It enables foreigners living in Kumamoto to get along with Japanese people as a member of community without being isolated in both daily and social lives by understanding basic Japanese.
In a way, it is one of the measurements to further multiculturalism.
You will be able to communicate with local people and aim at working in Japanese company without obstacles.

Deadline for submission 2023/9/22
Participants over 15-year-old foreigners living in Kumamoto prefecture
Fee free
Required tools
  • Internet environment (Non pay-as-you-go recommended.)
  • Laptop, smartphone and tablet installing ZOOM
  • Web camera
  • Headsets, etc.
Class Period 2023/10/1~2024/3/18
Classes are held twice a week.
Class type Online Class (The class is conducted in Japanese, partly in English.)